Pivot: Hytrol's Warehouse Control System

Pivot helps the customer plan.

Plan with Pivot

Case: Customer X is a packaged good distributor that currently operates on a manual picking and delivery system. Orders are fulfilled and loaded into delivery trucks based on “last stop first” order. The loading of these trucks is critical to minimize shifting product around at the delivery points.

Customer X’s building is laid out into 4 pick zones. Each pick zone has exit scanners for carton identification. Cartons exit the pick zones and travel to a sawtooth merge where they are identified and released by waves to the sortation system and sorted to the dock doors based on reverse delivery stop sequence.

The customer’s inventory management system builds waves of product in the system and releases that information to the Pivot™ WCS. As product is picked based on the waves, it exits the pick module and the WCS confirms the carton as pick completed. All the pick modules operate based on the common wave information being directed by the Pivot™ WCS.

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Integrate with other systems.

Pivot™ is just one of the key elements of an integrated solution and it is designed to integrate with:

  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Hytrol Conveying Systems
  • Hytrol Conveyor Controller Systems
  • Warehouse Automation Equipment
  • Manual or Automated Picking Solutions
  • Print and Apply Systems
  • Cube and Weighing Systems
  • Packaging Equipment