Pivot: Hytrol's Warehouse Control System

Pivot™, the Hytrol Warehouse Control System, offers the agility and inclusive synchronization to handle the dynamic needs of multi-channel distribution operations.  Serving as the essential link between people, conveyor, and automation, Pivot™ offers real-time information to direct each process for an efficient and successful experience.

      Planning with Pivot


Maximize uptime in the rapidly changing environment of material handling. With the Pivotsoftware, you have control throughout the fulfillment process.

Pivot™ helps you:

  • Employ your business rules to route items
  • Automatically balance the workload across zones and process areas
  • Control how material flows to sorters, packers, and printers.

 Delivering with Pivot


Hytrol's software offers you a window to your material handling system. View crucial data in real-time from any location via web browser. 

With Pivot you can:

  • Interact both with operators and with other systems
  • Be prepared to make decisions requiring an instant response
  • Collaborate with integrated equipment and processes

Improve your operation with Pivot


More visibility means more control over daily activities and, ultimately, your business's future. Measure results to create a more efficient, more productive solution.

Use Pivot to:

  • Take control of key decisions with configuration options
  • Receive item-by-item confirmation that objectives were met
  • Record the results and share them with others


Link people, systems, and automation.

Fully engage Hytrol's Warehouse Control System by pairing it with the warehouse equipment you're already using.

Pivot™ is just one of the key elements of an integrated solution and it is designed to integrate with:

  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Hytrol Conveying Systems
  • Hytrol Conveyor Controller Systems
  • Warehouse Automation Equipment
  • Manual or Automated Picking Solutions
  • Print and Apply Systems
  • Cube and Weighing Systems
  • Packaging Equipment

An integrated material handling system requires that multiple business systems as well as dissimilar pieces of equipment act as nodes on a network. These nodes are required to communicate and collaborate with one another.

The Problem:

  • These nodes are usually designed to operate independently and there is no easy way to exchange information between the nodes.
  • Some nodes do not have decision making capabilities or are not designed to respond in the time needed for item by item decisions.

The Solution:

  • Hytrol has solved the problem by adding Pivot™ Warehouse Control System to its solution set. Pivot™ is a middleware application that connects the appropriate nodes on the system and allows for real-time decision making.

 See how Pivot can work for you.




 Pivot interacts with your phone and tablet.


Planning is the first and most important function of your business. It allows you to take the complexities of an always-changing environment and provide direction to achieve your goals. In your warehouse, Pivot gives you control of your material handling plans by identifying and routing each item via one of the following options.

Pre-determined routing: When the rules for the paths is simple and clear.

Automated routing: When the business rules determine an item's path and these rules also determine alternate routes.

Planning allows you to balance your workload; in fact, the value of the WCS is most often realized when it manages the minute-to-minute tasks of your warehouse, operating in real-time with constant communication from the material handling system and operators. Optimizing the picking conditions for your employees will increase efficiency by reducing your operational chaos.





Pivot will help you deliver on your promises.




Pivot™ delivers on its promises so you can deliver on your own. Hytrol's WCS responds immediately to instructions from multiple business systems, a wide variety of equipment, and your operators. This real-time visibility will be your biggest strength. It allows your operation to respond to changing needs and to solve small problems before they become a major concern. Pivot™ interfaces with:

  • Operators: A user-friendly interface allows operators to communicate directly with Pivot™.
  • Other systems: Pivot™ can ask other systems for data to translate into actions. It constantly monitors your work flow to provide a clear window into your processes.



Improve your business and meet your goals.




The reporting tools for Pivot™ allow you to record your results and share them. Now that you have your data, you can improve on your operation. Make decisions using both real-time and historical reports that will positively affect the future of your business.

When you use Pivot™, you'll know your:

  • Uptime and downtime
  • Operator efficiency
  • Conveyable item history
  • Exception statistics






Pivot™ Provides Confidence

The Pivot™ application is designed in collaboration with you and your integration partner working together to balance years of experience and the attributes that make your operation unique.

You can be confident in Pivot™ because:

  • You are in control allowing you to manage your operation as you see fit
  • Major retailers have benefited from the Pivot™ application since the early 90s
  • Integration with WMS providers such as Manhattan are no problem
  • Pivot™ integrates perfectly with Hytrol conveyors and control systems
  • The total cost of ownership has proven to be a remarkable value
  • Purchases are backed by the distinguished character of the Hytrol organization

See how Pivot™ can help your business.

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